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Get Set While You’re Still at School


You Need Skills… We Can Help You Get Them

Like it or not, in a few short years, you’ll need to get a job. Let’s cut to the chase: right now, you’re at school. You’re not ready to jump into a career… yet. First, you need skills and experience in money, business, problem-solving, planning, marketing, management, and more.

Lucky for you, we’ve got courses that teach you those exact skills, launching you (gently) into the world of business, in a way that makes sense to you. It’s fun, it’s real-life, we won’t talk down to you, and we’ll help you get to where you need to be once school finishes.


We Get How Busy You Already Are

A full subject load, extracurricular everything, and a social life… how the heck are you supposed to fit something else in? We’ve designed our courses to be flexible in your already full life. You can choose to:

  • Work in your classroom during school hours (you might even be able to drop your least favourite subject because our courses contribute to your QCE)
  • Do it self-paced from home via our online classroom
  • Complete work experience during school holidays when it suits you
  • Access all the resources you need from any device with an internet connection.


Study Your Way

Thinking about studying our Diploma or Cert IV online? When you’ve spent nearly all your life studying in school classrooms, online learning might seem a bit intimidating at first. But for many of our students, it’s an exciting chance to try learning their way, at their own pace. In fact, for many students, it becomes their new favourite way to learn, because they can:

  • Choose an environment with no distractions
  • Study when their energy levels are best
  • Work through the materials faster or slower
  • Get personal access to a trainer who can answer their questions.

And if online study’s not for you, that’s okay! We also facilitate the BSB50215 Diploma of Business in high school classrooms throughout South-East Queensland so you can choose to study your way.


Opportunities Are Coming

We get it. You’re still figuring out what you want to do one day – and that’s okay. It can feel like a HUGE amount of pressure to choose the right subjects at school, pick what you study, and then choose your career path.

That’s why Get Set’s courses are so practical. The skills and qualifications you get are useful for nearly any future job or industry and can even count towards your QCE for future study if you choose to go to uni.

The world is constantly shifting, so don’t stress about figuring out your career today. Our courses open the doors to opportunities you don’t even know about (and may not even exist yet).


We Have the Course for You

Whether you’re an aspiring business owner with an idea to change the world, someone with aspirations to climb the corporate ladder and have your own corner-suite desk, or you have no clue what you want to do… we have the course for you.

Kate’s professionalism, flexibility, initiative and engaging delivery ensured our students completed the course, achieved the qualification and valued the experience. We are very excited to be working with Kate again in 2018 through Get Set Education.

- Judi Robinson, Head of Senior School & Business, Sandgate District State High School


Find Out More

The next step is to check out our courses or find out more about Get Set Education. If your school isn’t already on board with our Diploma of Business program, let us know you are interested so that we can start the conversation with them.