Frequently Asked Questions

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What is VET?

VET stands for Vocational Education and Training, which includes a whole range of qualifications and courses aimed at upskilling people to equip them for a range of work environments and career paths. It can include a variety of certificates, trades, apprenticeships, and diplomas.

What is VET in schools (VETiS)?

VET in schools are courses and programs that students can enrol in and complete while they’re still in secondary school. They can use these courses to gain qualifications that will help them get a job straight out of school, do further study, or get points towards their senior certificate.

Do Get Set Education offer VET in schools?

Yes, Get Set Education delivers our Diploma of Business to high school students in Queensland. We offer a variety of delivery formats, including online, trainer-led in-person, and teacher-led in-classroom learning. Our Cert IV in New Small Business is delivered exclusively online.

Do Get Set Education offer online learning options?

Yes, both of our courses can be delivered online, which is a great option for schools with less than 10 students who enrol, or students who are in regional areas. Our Cert IV in New Small Business is offered exclusively online, while our Diploma of Business is available both online and in the classroom.

I’m not based in south east Queensland. Can I still enrol with Get Set?

Yes. Although most of our students are based in Queensland, you can study our courses online from anywhere in Australia.

I’m not a high school student. Could I still enrol and study the Diploma or Cert IV online?

Yes. While most of our students are still at high school and we’ve tailored our courses to appeal to their interests, we’re not exclusive! If you’re interested in studying our courses online, contact us to find out more.

How long do programs take?

Our courses take 18 months, or three semesters. Students study part-time either in the classroom or at home, while undertaking their regular studies.

What are the minimum entry requirements?

There are no entry requirements for this qualification. However, we recommend that students have good spoken and written English (ideally a pass in Year 10 English) and an average effort mark of B or higher on their most recent report card.

We already have a Business subject – why do we need business courses in our school?

While Business subjects offer useful general knowledge, they don’t go deep on some topics that are important to students who wish to pursue business or a corporate role once they leave school. In addition to practical skills and work placement, our students gain a qualification that could get them their first job or lead into other opportunities.

How much time will this take for students to complete each week?

Our courses are designed to be compatible with high school classrooms. This is so that students can do the exercises and assessments over 3-4 hours per week during term time, which is the same amount of time a standard school subject requires. Students will be required to do activities and assessment as homework (just like their regular subjects). The work placement component (160 hours completed over 20 shifts) can be done during school holidays or as part of your practical venture during term time. Or if you have a part-time job, you can count your work hours towards work placement. It’s really flexible.

How can students use their qualifications to get into university?

Our courses can be used as a bridging course to University. The Diploma of Business is equivalent to a rank of 82, or an OP9 and a the Certificate IV in New Small Business is equivalent to a rank of 74, or an OP12 (QTAC, January 2018).

How can I sign up my child?

The first step is to get in touch with us. We can provide you with more information to get started.

How can I sign up my school?

Start by letting your school know that you are interested in participating in Get Set Education’s programs. Talk to the business teacher, VET coordinator, senior school coordinator, or head of school. Send them to the Get Set website so they can see more information and contact us to get the process rolling so that you can get access at our next intake.

Is this program open to students outside of grade 11 and 12?

Yes. While we focus our in-classroom training and program materials on grade 11 & 12 students and their teachers, our online training is open to students of any age.

Do you have specific intake dates or start dates?

Yes. Get Set Education runs courses that take 18 months (or 3 semesters) to complete. We do an intake at the start of term 1 and term 2 to ensure that students can complete their studies by the time they finish Grade 12.

Are there any prerequisites for my course?

Get Set Education do not have prerequisites for either of their courses.

Do you offer RPL (recognition of prior learning) for students or teachers wanting to gain a qualification?

Yes. We usually find that Grade 11 & 12 students haven’t yet completed any study that can be used towards RPL, but many of the teachers we work with (who also need to complete the courses they are teaching) can use prior learning towards gaining the qualification. Please contact us for more information, as this will need to be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Will I receive a certificate?

Yes, every student who successfully completes our courses will receive a certificate.

What equipment do I need?

You need access to a computer and the internet with Microsoft Office 2010 or equivalent and broadband speeds or higher. Your computer should be able to complete basic word processing and run the most updated version of your browser, like Firefox or Chrome.

How can I get practical experience through this course?

Our courses have work placement components, where you are required to complete and log 160 hours of work experience across 20 shifts. Getting practical placement is a lot easier than you’d expect and it’s really flexible. Here are some ways past students have made up their 160 hours:

  • Logging hours from an existing part-time retail or hospitality job
  • Work experience with a local small business
  • Practical ventures planned and run at school (for example, running a market stall, organising an event, etc.)

As well as practical placement, you’ll also get the chance to participate in projects during class that demonstrate your knowledge and skills.

How much does it cost?

Our course prices range from $800 to $1600, depending on the delivery mode you choose.

Diploma of Business Cert IV in New Small Business
Online (trainer-led) $1600 $1600
Classroom (teacher-led)* $800 Not currently available
Classroom (trainer-led) $1600 Not currently available


* Teachers delivering the course will also need to study and complete the qualification. We provide teachers with a discount on their qualification.

How do I pay for my course?

Your options include paying upfront to secure your spot or entering a flexible payment plan with Debit Success.

Can I apply for study assistance if I study with Get Set Education?

At this stage, our courses are not subsidised.

How does online learning work?

All students receive a login, so they can access our online platform from anywhere (even if your course is being taught in the classroom). This platform includes all information and resources, assessment details, and the ability to communicate with their trainer.

What are the benefits of online learning?

Online learning means that students can access their courses anywhere, anytime via your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Unlike printed course materials, you can’t lose your online course or program. Plus, you minimise paper waste.

And since Get Set are based in South East Queensland, it means you can work with our trainers even if you’re not local to us.

How difficult is it to study online?

We find that most students have no difficulty accessing or downloading the materials. Basic computer and internet skills are needed – something that students generally acquire by the time they finish primary school.

How is Get Set’s delivery format different from courses offered by other education institutions like TAFE?

Get Set Education tailors their courses specifically for high school students, rather than adults. We are one of the only registered training organisations who do this. We also offer more flexible delivery, including online, in-classroom, and in-person, depending on class size, location, and student preferences.

Plus, unlike some training organisations who offer hundreds of different courses across multiple fields, we specialise in business courses.

What’s the difference between trainer-led and teacher-led courses?

Trainer-led study is delivered in-person, in the classroom by Get Set’s qualified trainers. Teacher-led study is delivered in the classroom by a high school teacher (usually a Business teacher) who has the appropriate qualifications, or is currently studying them. Teachers are also supported by a Get Set trainer who facilitates the course, handling the admin and checking in every month or so.

What is the accreditation/recognition of Get Set’s courses?

Completion of Get Set’s courses gives graduates a nationally recognised qualification.

Will I receive the same accreditation from Get Set Education that I would get through other education providers like TAFE?

Yes. The Diploma and Cert IV qualification you get at the end has the same recognition as if you had studied through TAFE or another RTO.

Do the teachers have industry experience/currently work in the industry?

Yes. Your lead trainer, Kate, has a diverse background in business/education/teaching. You can read more about her here.

Is there is any face-to-face interaction?

Yes, depending on the delivery format you choose, and your location. Classroom-based learning involves face-to-face interaction with your classmates, teacher, and (where possible) your facilitator/trainer. This delivery mode is offered for our Diploma of Business, while our Cert IV in New Small Business is offered exclusively online.

How do I balance/prioritise my personal life and time to study?

If you are completing the course during class time, it will simply replace an existing school subject. If you choose to study in your own time, all you need is a few hours of dedicated time each week. While you will still need to complete the work placement component, most students find that getting the required 160 hours / 20 shifts is not too difficult. In fact, many students are already getting this work experience from an existing part time job.

Overall, most students find that the course does not impact too much on personal life.

What is the difference between VET Education and University?

University normally has a more academic focus and higher entry requirements, with 3-4 years full time study before students can earn their Bachelor Degree. VET or vocational education and training are focused on practical, job specific skills and can be completed in as little as a few months (for entry level certificates). VET courses can include basic Cert I level, up to Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas.

How long does it take to complete a VET course?

It depends on what level your course is at and whether you study full time or part time. All Get Set Educations’ courses are designed for part-time study alongside school subjects, which means they take 18 months (or three semesters) to complete.

What sort of career can a VET course offer me?

All VET courses have different career paths. Get Set’s business-focused courses have broad application and general knowledge that are useful in a wide variety of roles and industries. Our graduates can confidently head into a career in business, management, administration, entrepreneurship, and more.

How long does it take from the time I sign up until I can start my course?

We have an intake in January and July. Contact us to ensure you can join before the next intake.

Are there semesters, deadlines, etc.?

Yes. Get Set follows the same semesters as high schools in Queensland. Final deadlines for assessment and course completion are towards the end of the 18-month course, with mini-deadlines and checkpoints throughout.

How do I get the content of my course?

All course content is provided in our online learning platform, which students can access through their login.

What should I do if I don’t understand the assessment?

Students can talk to their teacher or trainer either in person, on Skype, or via email.

What if I can’t finish within the course duration?

While students are strongly encouraged to finish their course during the standard timeframe, we make exceptions in some circumstances to allow additional time to submit assessment. Online resources and support may be available to assist you in completing your qualification. If you are in Year 12, please ask your teacher about an extension. If you plan to use your qualification towards your QCE and apply for university, you’ll need all your units marked competent by a certain date.

How long does it take to mark an assessment?

Your course trainer/facilitator will mark all assessment within 1-2 weeks after receiving your submission, unless otherwise stated.

When should I start looking for a work placement?

We encourage students to start thinking about work placement as soon as their course begins, to allow plenty of time for applications, interviewing, and scheduling shifts. But don’t worry – you’ll have your teacher/trainer’s support in securing work experience. Plus, you’ll get the opportunity to undertake work experience while at school with a practical venture.

What’s a practical venture?

Practical ventures are sort of like starting and running your own small business. You’ll get to come up with ideas, test them, run the numbers, and then put it all into practice to (hopefully) generate some money for a good cause. In the past, students have collaborated with ventures like:

  • Running a market stall at school
  • Putting on a ticketed event
  • Organising a trivia night
  • Running a school movie night
  • Making and selling T shirts
  • Retailing stationery
  • Running a coffee shop

Practical ventures can be a lot of fun and a great experience. Plus, with all that planning and organising, you’ll quickly make up the number of hours and shifts you need for your course.

How do I find a work placement?

Your work placement can include your existing part-time job if you have one. If you don’t already have a job, your teacher and trainer will assist you in finding a work placement. Some steps you can take include:

  1. 1. Decide where you want to work. Retail? Hospitality? Small business?

2. Make a shortlist of local places that fit this description, ensuring that you have transport to get there.

3. Write an email describing your intent to secure work placement, how it works, and what value you can contribute to their business. Send this to the business/office manager.

4. Follow up via email/phone if you don’t hear back within 1-2 weeks.

5. Arrange to work shifts outside of school hours (holidays, after school, weekends).

What assessments will I have to do?

You will be assessed for competency based on participation in work placement, projects, case studies, and short answer questions.

What kinds of jobs can I get upon completion of my course?

Some of the career opportunities you might be suited to after completing a course through Get Set include business administration assistant, administration manager, office manager, executive assistant, personal assistant, sales assistant, receptionist, accounts clerk, bookkeeper, event manager, and more (depending on whether you undertake further study). You’ll also walk away with general skills that can apply to just about any role, or even starting your own small business.

Are there lots of jobs available?

Yes! We obviously can’t guarantee you’ll get a job, but… we are confident that studying with us will get you a lot closer to your goals than if you didn’t have this qualification to set you apart. We’re proud to offer courses that can add value to a wide variety of roles and industries, meaning that our graduates get an advantage from their qualifications, no matter where they apply.


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